Great fun!

Camp is always great fun. You will be able to choose different activities which could be archery, low ropes course, craft or sports training. Each camp has different activities so you can try something new.

There will be lots of games to play, either inside or outside. We are always thinking up new games that will test your team. There are usually one of the highlights of camp!

We all love the bonfire, where we enjoy hot chocolate and sing silly songs until bedtime.

Amazing food!

We love food on camp, and there is always plenty. Abbie our cook, will look after all your dietary needs, so please just let us know on your booking form what your dietary requirements or allergies are and we will look ensure you receive food which is suitable for you.

Good news!

As Christians we love to share the good news about Jesus, which we find in the Bible. Each day on camp we will have time together to explore what the Bible says about who Jesus is. We will sing songs, have quizzes, maybe watch a short film and then one of the leaders will talk through a part of the Bible. There will also be time in your dorm times to discuss what you have learnt or to ask questions.