Booking and cost

What does the fee include?

The camp fee covers all costs after arrival on camp (food, accommodation and activities). It does not include transport, which is the responsibility of the parent, guardian or group leader.

Clothing and books are available to buy at the beginning and end of camp.

What are the age restrictions on camp?

The minimum age for campers is school year 3. For summer bookings, please use the school year they have just finished. i.e. they must have completed year 3 and not be in year 2 about to go into year 3.

Alongside the dates for each camp is the age of the campers who are suited for that camp.

What if my child has a special need or allergies?

At Yorkshire Camps we welcome all children and whilst not a specialist centre, we will do everything we can to make sure your child is welcome and enjoys camp.

We regularly work with children with a range of conditions and needs and we are experienced at working with carers to ensure they have the best possible camp experience.

If your child has particular dietary requirements, please put all the details on the consent form and if we need more information, we will contact you nearer to camp.

Please contact the office if you have concerns or requirements and we will be very happy to help.

What if I need to cancel a booking?

Please notify us in writing if a booking must be cancelled. The following charges will apply for individual booking to the timing of the cancellation in relation to the start of camp:

  • Within two weeks – 100% of the cost
  • Greater than two weeks – the deposit (£20)

In the event of your cancellation, we will invoke the cancellation charges listed above. We therefore recommend that you have some sort of cancellation and/or travel insurance.

We regret that no refunds can be made in respect of accommodation vacated before the departure date.

For group booking cancellation costs, please see the contract paperwork.

What is the cost for visiting leaders?

The cost is the same for visiting leaders, as for campers. We encourage leaders to come along and participate in camp.

Are there camp places available at a reduced price?

There are subsidised places available through our holiday fund, to help with the cost of camp. The main eligibility criteria is ‘free schools meals’ but we understand that there are sometimes special circumstances which require financial assistance.

If you require one of these places, please contact the office.

Camp information

Who runs the camp programme?

We have an experienced team of helpers, who are all fully trained and will oversee all the parts of camp. One of our senior team will be overall responsible for the smooth running of camp and the campers needs.

Who looks after first aid and medication?

Several team members are First Aid trained and are on-call first aiders, who will clean up small cuts and grazes.

At the start of camp all medication is handed in and is stored away securely.

Medication is dispensed by two senior Yorkshire Camps team members at the required time.

What food will I eat?

Our meals are all planned with campers in mind and are always enjoyed. There is always fruit available to eat in between meals as well.

All our kitchen staff have a food hygiene qualification and our kitchen is kept to the highest cleanliness standards.

Do I need any spending money?

There is no need for spending money on camp. At the beginning and end of camp there is opportunity to buy clothing or books from our shop.

Can campers and parents contact each other?

While on camp, we discourage communication with parents. However, if there are special circumstances, campers may call home using the office phone. If you are concerned at any point, please feel free to call the office and leave a message.

One of our leadership team will call you back as soon as possible.

What happens with lost property?

Please make sure that all clothing is labelled with your name so that we notify you if we find it. If you think you have lost something, please contact the office asap.

We keep lost property for four weeks before finding a new home for it.

How is Christianity explained to a school group?

As part of the programme, we will teach Christianity in a similar way to how it is taught through Religious Studies or in assembly. We explain everything using phrases such as ‘Christians believe…’ or ‘The Bible says…’

We hope the children leave understanding what a Christian believes and having had a chance to ask any questions that they may have.

How is the Bible taught to church groups?

Many young people who attend church groups are very familiar with the Bible and the teachings of Jesus. We hope that on camp, where they are taught in a different environment, by someone they are not hearing from each week, it will come across fresh and help them to grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus.

If you have a question which hasn’t been answered, please call the office on 01756 753227 or email: Or fill in the contact form and we’ll give you a call back.