With our wonderful English weather, it is best to come prepared for every eventuality! Please make sure you label all your clothes so we can return them to you if you misplace them.


Please bring plenty of clothes with you in case you get muddy, so that you can change. Please bring warm clothes with you as it is colder in the countryside. It is probably best to bring your old clothes, so that it doesn’t matter if they get dirty. Don’t forget your pyjamas and a towel!


From April to September, we may use the waterslide, so please bring something to wear. We request that girls wear a one-piece swimsuit, and boys wear shorts (not speedo’s or similar). Short and t-shirt, would be suitable for boys or girls.


Please bring a single sheet and pillow case, as well as a sleeping bag or duvet.


Please bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo and anything else you would normally use.


Please bring your medication and be ready to hand it in on arrival. Our team will administer this as required throughout camp. Please keep medication in its original packaging. Reliever inhalers (often blue) are kept and self-administered by the camper.


There is no need to bring money on camp. We have a shop selling books, hoodies, t-shirts and stationery, which is open at the start and end of camp, but not during camp.


If you have your own Bible, please bring it with you, but if not, we have plenty of Bibles you can borrow while you are on camp.

What not to bring!

Please do not bring your phone, or other electrical items with you. If you do, these will be collected in at the start of camp for safe keeping and returned to you at the end. Please do not bring anything valuable or sentimental with you. These are much safer left at home!.

Please do not bring any drugs or alcohol with you as these will be confiscated and reported if appropriate.


  • A sleeping bag or duvet
  • Pillowcase
  • Single bed sheet (even when using a sleeping bag)
  • Pyjamas
  • Underwear, socks (bring spares)
  • Shorts/tracksuit bottoms
  • T-shirts and warm top
  • Trainers (+2nd pair of outdoor shoes – in case the first pair gets wet)
  • You might want to send along a pair of wellies. Clothing and footwear should be old – it should not matter if they get wet or dirty
  • Slippers or indoor shoes
  • Personal care items e.g. soap, flannel, towel, toothpaste and brush, comb/brush, sun cream, asthma inhaler (if appropriate)
  • Waterproof coat
  • In the summer you might want to bring insect repellant
  • Also in the summer, we might bring out the water slide, so please bring swimwear (or short and t-shirts without zips or buttons)
  • Notebook, pen and Bible (if you have one)