Summer Camps

We are delighted to plan for the return of summer camps subject to government guidance. Should camps not be possible, you will receive a full refund of the camp fee. All camps in the summer holidays will start and finish at 3pm. Summer 1 starts at 7pm.

Dates for Summer Camps Camps

Camp name Start time/date End time/date Age range Price
Summer 1 7:00pm 9th July 3:00pm 11th July School years 9 - 13 £57.00 Book Now!
Summer 2 3:00pm 25th July 3:00pm 27th July School years 3 - 6 £57.00 Book Now!
Summer 3 3:00pm 28th July 3:00pm 30th July School years 3 -6 £57.00 Book Now!
Summer 4 3:00pm 3rd August 3:00pm 6th August School Years 5- 8 £85.50 Book Now!
Summer 5 3:00pm 10th August 3:00pm 13th August School years 5 - 8 £85.50 Book Now!
Summer 6 3:00pm 16th August 3:00pm 20th August School years 7 - 10 £114.00 Book Now!

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